The Mini Emporium


This miniature Olive and the Larder Emporium is the extraordinary work of Rotterdam-based miniature maker and creative Erika Harberts of Mikodesign.

When coming up with a way to launch the book, we knew a regular event would be difficult – too many restrictions on guest numbers, too difficult for people from afar to join in.

So Erika created Olive's dream shop using the details from Inga's illustrations and Bianca's story as her inspiration.

Look closely to spot Olive's herb hanger, her tiny linen apron, even her kitchen's chequerboard floors. 


Of course you'll also spot the book itself, including the most adorable teeny bookmarks (the ribbon tails!), the greeting cards, and the alphabet sampler.

And it all comes exquisitely gift wrapped in bespoke green garland tissue paper, tiny stickers and delicate twine just like the full-sized version.

For all you fellow miniature-lovers out there, enjoy browsing through these sweet photos captured by Erika in her studio in The Netherlands!



And finally, Erika's photogenic (and possibly shopaholic?) cat Loulou included here for scale ;)

If you're inspired to create a mini shop of your own, Erika can help! Visit