Exclusive ‘Olive’ Doll with Miniature Storybook

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From the moment we published our first book, Olive and the Larder, we dreamed of creating an Olive doll that would help to bring this delightful character to life.

The result has exceeded our expectations, thanks to the wonderful craftsmanship and design work of longstanding Australian family business, Alimrose.

We worked closely with Alimrose to develop the perfect details for Olive: classic yarn hair, embroidered facial features, a Breton-stripe top and of course, her signature linen apron.


What makes our limited-edition doll extra-special is what’s hiding in her apron pocket: a miniaturised and perfectly complete edition of the original Olive and the Larder storybook. It measures just 5 x 4 cm (approximately 2 x 1.5 inches) and, just like the original, has been lovingly printed in Australia by Scotts.

Even better than that, each tiny book has been (painstakingly) hand-signed and individually numbered by the author. It is perfectly readable for strong young eyes, and anyone else with the assistance of a phone camera or magnifying glass!

We produced this mini especially for those who missed out on their own full-sized copy of our first limited-edition book, which is now sold out.


Olive comes presented inside her own branded calico ‘market’ bag, which will also fit both storybooks, so you can keep your entire Olive and the Larder collection well-protected and in one place.

The double-sided backing card is printed with illustrations from the first book, Olive and the Larder


Olive measures approximately 25cm (10 inches) high and her torso is approximately 6cm (2.5 inches) wide.

We have found that this is the perfect size for little hands to play with, while also complementing doll-sized furniture wonderfully.

The vintage and handmade furniture and accessories pictured here are one-of-a-kind pieces from Bianca’s personal collection and not available for purchase anywhere. As an alternative, we can suggest the Maileg brand bed sized to fit their Size 1 bunnies.


This doll is not for children under 3 years.

The tiny collectable book and all product packaging are not toys, so please exercise caution.


We are so proud that our Olive doll has been ethically made with love in the Philippines. Here is what Alimrose has to say about their doll production: 

“Our dolls are proudly made by a female owned and operated ethical production facility in the Philippines that we have been working with for close to 40 years. By working loyally together for decades we have been able to support their business to employ over 100 women and provide them with outstanding wages and conditions.”