Vintage Wide Etched Hinged Bangle with Gold Finish Marked "Sterling Silver Lustre"

$52.00 AUD
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A fantastic vintage statement bangle to make a chic addition to your own 'arm party' or wrist jewellery stack.

The bangle is authentic vintage, i.e. well over 30 years old.

It is stamped "Sterling Silver Lustre" and finished with a bright yellow gold coating that shows signs of wear and tarnish and discoloration, and is even missing in small parts so that the silver shows through.

Please review photos carefully as they form part of the product description. 

The hinge closure works well and clicks into place properly, and the safety chain is intact and functional. 

The bangle is about 2cm wide, and measures about 6cm in diameter at its widest part, and about 5.4cm in diameter at its narrowest part. 

I am not a vintage jewellery expert, these are simply pieces I am selling from my own personal collection and I do my best to describe them as accurately as possible.

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