Miniature Larder Luxury Advent Calendar

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This product comes with FREE delivery within Australia only and is not available to purchase internationally. Limit of one per customer please.

The most special handmade Advent calendar you are ever likely to see for sale. 

I know it's a little early for Christmas planning, but I have only made 3 of these, as you see here, so don't dilly-dally!

They each incorporate vintage materials and one-off finds that I won't be able to source again, so even if I do produce more of these bespoke Advent calendars in future, they won't be quite the same.

I have been torn about how much to share about the contents, particularly as each is slightly unique. And it should be a surprise! So read on, knowing there are spoiler alerts below.

The wooden dresser is designed to be kept for years to come and can be re-filled and reused within your craft room for notions or in the kitchen as a spice cabinet - or just refill it for next year's Advent with homemade treats. All the glass jars and bottles can be similarly upcycled, making this a very sustainable gift. 

While you get a fairly good idea of the quality and value by the photos, let's go through this:

1. A miniature timber dresser (no-break clear perspex doors for peace of mind) plus a little wooden drawer, jam-packed with 25 unique and delightful larder-themed gifts.

Dimensions of dresser: 22cm h x 22cm w x 10cm d. 

2. The cupboard is dressed with two miniature wreaths and the doors are lined with authentic vintage red-striped linen cloth. Festive, but not overly Christmassy.

3. Each gift is individually wrapped in recycled tissue, hemp twine and sealed with a tiny red wax seal, plus labelled with a hand-stamped linen tag number, so you know which gift to open on which day, starting 1 December.

Each mini dresser contains:

4. Four or five miniature (30g) jars of Bonne Maman jams, honeys and conserves of assorted flavours;

5. Five miniature (23g) jars of Beerenberg assorted condiments;

6. Two sample-sized glass bottles (25ml) of gourmet Grampians Olive Co olive oil and vinegar (assorted flavours);

7. Two miniature gift-boxed French soaps by La Savonnerie de Nyons (25g) in assorted fragrances;

8. Four assorted tiny-yet-useful timber products (for example, a set of miniature pegs and a spool of twine, among other small kitchen-themed accessories such as a lidded salt pot);

9. Two terracotta miniatures handcrafted in Mexico, perfect as Christmas ornaments or to hang inside your miniature larder later;

10. One or two mini jars of Nutella (25g);

11. A tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce;

12. Two different flavours of the world's finest tea in 100% cotton hand-sewn teabags by Singapore’s TWG Tea.

13. Finally, for day 25, a most special heirloom ornament crafted from vintage findings from my personal collection and packaged in its own keepsake pouch which I have hand-sewn from more of the same linen that lines your dresser.

Your Advent will be carefully boxed, giftwrapped and shipped anywhere within Australia with complimentary delivery, to be enjoyed from 1 December onwards.