Miniature Gift Basket Just Like Olive's

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NOTE: This product is only available for delivery within Australia. 

“The tiniest jars and pots... even have their own home on doll-sized shelves”, or so it says in Olive and the Larder.

Another version of our popular miniature gift baskets inspired by the one Olive receives in Olive and the Larder!

This would be a perfect host gift alongside a fresh baguette or small loaf because all the contents are made to be consumed with beautiful bread.

In the same way that Olive and the Larder isn’t your ordinary storybook, this gift basket is unlike any other.

That's because it is:

  • Pint-sized, making it extra alluring to anyone who adores miniatures;
  • Individually portioned, perfect to indulge yourself or treat a friend;
  • Completely bespoke, curated and hand-assembled in The Beige Larder, Sydney;
  • Packed with high-quality provisions from the finest local and international brands;
  • Truly artisanal, including hand-painted linen ribbon and a handmade gift tag;
  • The perfect follow-up to our limited-edition, all-ages storybook;
  • A petite-yet-luxurious gift for a friend;
  • Ready for immediate delivery anywhere in Australia - shop and ship your gift direct;
  • Highly sustainable if you are like Olive and choose to repurpose all the beautiful packaging and mini glass jars;
  • Limited-edition, only a very small number have been assembled;
  • Ideally matched with one of our Olive and the Larder greeting cards.

Each gift basket contains:

  • Vintage-style wooden punnet, ideal for repurposing in your own kitchen or larder;
  • 30gm jar of Bonne Maman French honey, just like the one Olive adds to April’s tea tray;
  • 25g jar of Nutella;
  • Two 30gm jars of Bonne Maman French berry jam (assorted flavours) inspired by the one in Olive’s gift basket;
  • A sample-sized glass bottle (25ml) of gourmet Grampians Olive Co olive oil (assorted flavours).
  • Hand-painted linen ribbon and matching gift tag, inspired by the flowers blooming in Olive’s garden along
  • It all comes wrapped in bespoke Olive and the Larder printed tissue paper.