Miniature Christmas Tree in a Rustic Terracotta Pot

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The sweetest, vintage-inspired tabletop Christmas trees designed to decorate your larder, pantry, breakfast table, mantel, kitchen dresser or benchtop. They would look best in a pair or even a trio.

I've made only three of these miniature trees and placed them in my very cherished collection of vintage miniature terracotta pots picked up many years ago from The Country Trader.

They are set with plaster in the base so are quite heavy and can carry some small Christmas ornaments.

Shorter trees: approx 40cm high x 8cm wide at the pot base. 

Tall tree: approx 50cm high x 8cm wide at the pot base.

Each tree will arrive with dressed with a little linen ribbon around the pot as pictured, but otherwise undecorated.

These trees are designed to be quite sparse and spindly in the tradition of Victorian trees and will need arranging on arrival. I think they look most poetic bending downwards, while the wire branches bend back easily at the tips to keep decorations in place.

Handmade by me (Bianca) here in my studio 'The Beige Larder' in Sydney, Australia.

Of course there are countless ideas for decorating your miniature tree, but here are some simple ideas that are beyond your traditional Christmas ornaments:

  • Use it as an Advent calendar by attaching small numbered envelopes, or individually wrapped sweets, with little wooden pegs; 
  • Hang some small dried orange slices or gingerbread biscuits as edible decorations;
  • String some popcorn and hang as a garland or make a miniature paper chain by stapling torn strips of music sheet or the yellowing pages of an old paperback;
  • For a truly culinary theme, hang a set of mini cookie cutters, or tiny pots of jam/Nutella or toy-sized utensils with pretty ribbon;
  • Simple scraps of linen fabric tied into bows on each branch can look charming on their own!

  Please note: none of my Christmas trees are suitable for children.