Olive and the Larder Very Limited-Edition Wooden Ornaments

$39.95 AUD
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We teamed up with a local Sydney maker to develop our very own wooden ornaments for your Christmas tree or to display as year-round decorations.

Each is crafted from solid wood, printed with beautiful illustrations by Inga Campbell from our first book, Olive and the Larder.

'Olive' measures about 11cm (4.5 inches) tall, not including her ribbon tie.

There are 3 different ornament sets available.

Select your preference from the dropdown menu above before adding to cart:

1. Set of 3 wooden ornaments: Olive, her House and her Gift Basket (+ Miniature Book)

2. Set of 2 wooden ornaments: Olive and her Gift Basket (+ Miniature Book)

3. Single Olive ornament (+ Miniature Book).

Every set includes a perfect miniaturised copy of our first storybook, Olive and the Larder. The book is strung onto ribbon and can be enjoyed as another ornament, or simply slip off the ribbon to add to your book collection. It's completely readable, you just might need your phone zoom!

Each set comes beautifully presented on a double-sided display board, printed with illustrations of Olive's garden.

Proudly and entirely crafted in Australia.

Please note: these ornaments are designed for decorative use only and are not toys for children.